Established in 2013, Computrade Technology Malaysia is part of a regionalization plan for Computrade Technology International, one of Indonesia's largest group of IT companies. Today, Computrade Technology Malaysia is a Value Added Distributor, an IT Infrastructure and service provider to some of the world's most renowned IT solutions.

Our core values centers around embracing Customers Centricity. With this values in the place, we ensure integrity and accountability in everything we do. With our preference to be a valued partner to our Customers, and our Business Partners being part of our valued Customers, we strife to ensure Customers being a priority to every aspects of our engagements with them.

With more than a decade of experience and 50 technological partnerships and offices in three countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines), CTI Group has consistently experienced revenue growth every year. These statistics have proven the sustainability of CTI Group and their commitment to be the most dependable IT expert partner in Southeast Asia..

In 2019, Computrade Technology Malaysia adopts a slogan of CLOUD. DATA. SECURITY. INNOVATE. This slogan resonates in the world of IT today.

Cloud adoption has become the fastest growing technology driver to many organizations. What was once a disruption has now become the most important growth plan in many organizations.

Data has always been the key dependency and differentiator to stay competitive and relevant for many organizations today. How this data is captured, managed, discovered and harnessed drives a different momentum for businesses today.

Security has never been more important in today's businesses. With cybersecurity threats and information breaches being the most crucial elements to confront, businesses are looking for ways to fortify their IT infrastructure against such devastating threats.

While organizations have 3 large distinctive challenges to cover all 3 of the above areas, what's more important for organizations today is to continue to Innovate in their businesses. Computrade Technology Malaysia is here to help with the above areas so that our Customers can truly spend their resources, cost and time to innovate for their businesses.