Backup and Restore Solution

Traditional backups struggle with today’s explosion of data, but cloud backup simplifies the process. AWS provides scalable storage, efficient data transfer, and minimal downtime, with the highest levels of security and resiliency through AWS Backup and Restore.

Benefits of AWS Backup and Restore


Data Durability

Ensure data protection with an exceptional 99.99% durability rate. AWS secures your backups by storing copies on at least three devices within a single AWS region. Our global reach and security standards provide unmatched durability that exceeds on-premises capabilities.


Flexibility and Scalability

Easily expand your backup resources in minutes to meet changing data needs. No more waiting weeks for tape, disk, or IT resources. AWS's on-demand scalability increases operational flexibility, innovation, and agility while minimizing costs.


Cost Efficiency

Optimize spending with pay-as-you-go pricing, cost management tools, and customized data lifecycle policies. Take advantage of multiple classes of storage, including EFS, S3, and S3 Glacier, for cost-effective data protection without sacrificing performance, reducing total cost of ownership and data center footprint.


Universal Data Protection

AWS supports all data types with industry-leading storage services, including object, file, and block storage. With scalability, availability, durability, and security, your backups are protected and available whenever you need them.


Secure and Complience

Rely on AWS's secure datacenter and network architecture designed for the most sensitive organizations. Manage access, detect anomalies, encrypt data, and perform audits with AWS security services. AWS compliance programs help you seamlessly meet regulatory requirements.


Efficient Data Transfer

Streamline data transfers with AWS via the internet, offline methods such as Snowball, Snowmobile, and Storage Gateway, and accelerated transfer options.

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