Cloud computing offers advantageous benefits that can help organizations innovate and transform while operates in a more efficient and cost-optimized way. Discuss with us how Cloud can help your business.

Take That Journey to the Cloud & Start Innovating

Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Data Management & Data Warehouse Platforms

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Solutions

A.I., Machine Learning & other Innovative Services


Our Value Services

  • Workload Migration to Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability on the Cloud
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Backup and Recovery Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud Manage Services
  • Cloud Billing & Provisioning
  • Analytics & Big Data on the Cloud
  • Website & Portal Migration
  • Data Management & Security
  • Web & Mobile Applications Development
  • Analytics on the Cloud
  • Cloud Identity Management
  • Security for Cloud

Value Added Services that Help Our Customers

Computrade Technology Malaysia works with Business Partners to provide a comprehensive end to end offering in many use cases. Contact us or drop us an email to know more.