Fortifying Your Business Defenses

As an authorized Defenxor distributor in Malaysia, Computrade Technology Malaysia (CTM) proudly introduces Defender Nusa Semesta (DNS), specializing in IT security. We serve as the dedicated team behind Defenxor, offering comprehensive security solutions for businesses.

About Defenxor

Defenxor stands as a premier integrated Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) dedicated to fortifying business security. With a commitment to safeguarding enterprises, we offer a comprehensive suite of security solutions designed to elevate and enhance your organization’s defenses.
Our advanced services encompass a wide range of security measures, ensuring a robust and proactive approach to protect against evolving cyber threats.


Security Surveillance

24/7 monitoring of security events by qualified analysts.


Incident Response & Management

React quickly to reduce the impact of breaches and data losses.


Vulnerability Management

Proactively discover weaknesses and track their resolutions.


Mobile Apps

Access online analyst, monitor our progress, and be notified on issues in real-time.


Log Collection and Management

Collect, correlate, and analyze logs using SIEM and full-text search technologies.


Network Data Capture & Forensic

Network traffic capture for threat finding and forensic purposes.


Defenxor Solutions

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Defenxor Intelligence
Managed Security
disc 12
Defenxor Intelligence
Security Consulting
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Defenxor Intelligence
Security Integrator

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