Transforming Insights into Action

As an authorized MicroStrategy distributor in Malaysia, Computrade Technology Malaysia (CTM) brings the power of MicroStrategy’s advanced analytics and business intelligence platform to businesses. We offer comprehensive services and support to ensure a seamless implementation and utilization of MicroStrategy within your organization.

About MicroStrategy

A leading global provider of business software and services, MicroStrategy empowers people with actionable intelligence. Committed to providing powerful tools that empower every user to make informed decisions based on trusted and insightful data.


Cost Savings & Business Efficiency

Reduces costs by providing complete object reusability, scalability, and centralized administration. This eliminates the need for multiple tools and ensures cost effectiveness as business needs evolve.


User-friendly Mobile Analytics

Provides advanced analytics through user-friendly interfaces for administrators to business analysts. Users can easily connect, blend, and prepare data without the need for third-party software.


Unmatched Performance

Optimizes resource utilization, minimizes redundant tasks, and achieves unmatched speed and scalability. By using an in-memory caching layer and offloading complex functions to the database, MicroStrategy ensures faster response times for any query.

MicroStrategy Benefits

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