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As an authorized distributor of Oracle in Malaysia, Computrade Technology Malaysia (CTM) is dedicated to simplifying technology adoption throughout the country. We empower organizations to harness technology’s full potential, offering innovative solutions that streamline their operations and drive growth.


Oracle, a global leader in database management, empowers individuals and businesses to gain fresh perspectives from data, uncover valuable insights, and open doors to limitless opportunities. With over 30 years of experience in the tech industry, Oracle is well-equipped to guide businesses toward growth and success.


Enterprise-Grade Reliability

Oracle is renowned for its high-level reliability and robustness. Their database management systems are designed to handle mission-critical data and applications with minimal downtime. This reliability is crucial for businesses that require 24/7 availability and data integrity.


Scalability and Performance

Oracle products are highly scalable and known for their outstanding performance. Whether you're dealing with large datasets, complex queries, or resource-intensive applications, Oracle's solutions can handle the demands of growing businesses and evolving IT needs effectively.


Comprehensive Ecosystem

Oracle offers a comprehensive ecosystem of products and services that can cater to various IT needs, from databases and cloud services to applications and middleware. This integrated approach can simplify your IT environment, reduce compatibility issues, and enhance the overall efficiency of your organization.

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