Defenxor Intelligence Managed Security (DIMS)

Protecting your business from evolving threats shouldn’t be complicated. DIMS eliminates complexity by providing expert security management and adhering to industry standards. We enhance your security posture and maximize your security technology investment, making robust protection hassle-free for your business.

Benefit of DIMS


Advanced SoC Protection

Leverage our cutting-edge Security Operations Center for remote IT security management, ensuring protection 24/7.


Continuous Vigilance

Enjoy around-the-clock security monitoring, periodic reporting, and instant threat alerts for unwavering protection.


Standardized Technology

Rely on our highly standardized technologies that fully comply with existing security standards, ensuring robust protection.


Defenxor Appliances

Deploy our appliances for efficient log management and network packet analysis, enhancing threat detection and forensics.


Mobile Access

Stay connected on the go with our Android and iOS applications, providing quick access to reports and direct communication.


Bundled Services

Integrate DIMS seamlessly with CTI subsidiary technologies, ensuring a comprehensive approach to IT security and technology adoption.


White-Labelling Support

Empower partners with white-labeling support, enhancing their security offerings and delivering additional managed services.


Comprehensive Security Services

Beyond penetration testing, access compromise assessments and industry certifications (PCI-DSS, ISO 27000) for a holistic security approach.

We’ve Got Your Business Covered!