Defenxor Intelligence Security Consulting (DISC)

In the realm of business security, uncertainty is a risk you can’t afford. The million-dollar question – “Is my business safe?” – demands a concrete answer. Defenxor’s Security Consulting (DISC) is the solution.
With DISC, we assess the safety of your system, identify potential compromises, and recommend measures for heightened security. Additionally, we assist in achieving regulatory and security compliance.

Benefit of DISC


Security Policy Development & Deployment

Ensure your business is secure amidst BYOD and BYOA trends. Craft and enforce effective policies to reduce the risk of attacks and fortify your security posture.


Security Auditing

Evaluate your security posture against international standards. Identify gaps and enhance your defenses with a thorough security audit.


Security Assistance

Elevate your internal IT security team's capabilities. Receive assistance in aligning implementations with international standards and establishing an effective Security Operations Center.


Incident Response & Management

With DISC, gain rapid incident response. When integrated with DIMS, receive comprehensive IT security services, ensuring instant notifications and swift mitigation.


Penetration Testing & Compromised Testing

Thoroughly test your systems according to international standards, ensuring your business remains free from vulnerabilities.


Security Certification Assistance

Work towards achieving certifications like PCI-DSS or ISO 27000 with our expert assistance, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

We’ve Got Your Business Covered!