Defenxor Intelligence Security Integrator (DISI)

Upgrade your business security effortlessly with Defenxor’s installment program, turning significant upfront costs into manageable operational expenses. We not only make security affordable but also add value by including managed security services. Keep it simple, cost-effective, and focused on what matters most—your business.

Benefit of DISI


Installment Program for Security Device Ownership

Optimize your business finances with our installment program, reducing CAPEX and enhancing OPEX for maximum Return on Investment (ROI).


Competitive Pricing for Security Devices

Leverage our extensive hardware distribution network for competitive pricing, ensuring you always receive the best market rates.


Additional Managed Services

Elevate your security measures further with added value. Receive monitoring and management of security functions bundled with your product purchases, enhancing overall protection.

We’ve Got Your Business Covered!