Empower your team to seamlessly integrate relevant insights into any website, display, screen, device, or application. Whether you’re managing email or browsing, real-time answers come to you without disrupting your workflow-no clicks required. HyperIntelligence transforms the way you work by delivering insights at your fingertips, revolutionizing the way you access information effortlessly, anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of HyperIntelligence


Empower with Embedded Actions

Leverage embedded actions for enhanced interactivity, allowing users to view reports, send messages, or access third-party applications without losing context.


Effortless Card Design and Deployment

Create stunning HyperCards in minutes using an intuitive editor and flexible data layouts. Choose from a variety of widgets, matrix views, and header formats to effectively present data.


Tailor your Hyper Experience

Customize the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge extensions with your organization's branding, including logos, fonts, languages, and descriptions.

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